Lunch & Learn: Dr. Jim Fourqurean - Green turtles graze down Bermudian seagrass meadows on the move to South Florida!

April 18, 12 – 1pm

Green turtle conservation measures over the last few decades have been successful in increasing the number of bay green sea turtles hatching and entering the ocean. But, the world these turtles will grow up in is very different than the one that existed even a century ago. Young turtles eventually settle in developmental habits in shallow coastal areas and their diet switches to seagrasses as they mature for 10-20 years before they are old enough to return to their breeding grounds. One of these developmental areas is in Bermuda, where the seagrasses that support these young turtles are in rapid decline, driven by the grazing of the developing turtles. And some of the Bermudian turtles return to the home of their parents here in south Florida, where they graze on our seagrasses. Lecture is $15, or $10 for Friends of Rookery Bay members, includes lunch.,